ADVERTISING CONCEPT. Adidas is a global brand that is known for its sportswear and footwear. To promote its Originals line of apparel and footwear, two advertising concepts were developed using Adobe Illustrator. These concepts are minimalist, isometric, and typographical, with a focus on the classic blue and white colours from Adidas shoeboxes and the classic black & white tracksuit and footwear.

The first concept, "Originals," uses typography to incorporate the "3 bars" logo into the design. This approach emphasizes the iconic Adidas logo and creates a simple yet powerful visual connection between the brand and its products. The use of blue and white colours reinforces the brand's identity and helps to create a cohesive design that is instantly recognizable.

The second concept is based on the mountain-style logo for Adidas and is titled "3 bars" poster. The design incorporates the classic bar-design elements that have made Adidas a household name, and conveys the idea of overcoming challenges. This message is consistent with Adidas' brand identity, which focuses on inspiring people to push themselves to achieve their goals.

Adidas - Isometric 'Originals' Typographic Poster
Adidas - Isometric 'Three Bars' Typographic Poster