Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University's Marketing lecturers approached and commissioned me to create a selection of illustrations for two potential book covers written by their academic staff. One of the areas of inspiration that the team requested was designs that featured a graffiti style and emphasized the limitations of various media in the world. The marketing department's team wanted the designs to have a roughness to them.

The first book, "Media, Margins & Civic Agency," explores the connection between contemporary media, politics, and power. The team had the idea of someone being restricted by "red tape" but wanted to show the media element. This was achieved by adding a camera to the design. The second book, "Media, Margins & Popular Culture," is a collection of research on contemporary and popular culture. The team wanted to use a woman in the style of the "We Can Do It" advertisement but adding in a bird to symbolise Twitter to indicate the popular culture aspect even more.

The graffiti-style design requested for these covers is an excellent representation of each book's respective themes, as it incorporates a raw and urban aesthetic that aligns with the topics covered in the book.

Bournemouth University - Media, Margins & Civic Agency Book Cover
Bournemouth University - Media, Margins & Popular Culture Book Cover