Herschel x No Fun

COLLABORATION CONCEPT. No Fun Press is a Toronto, Canada-based brand that specializes in soft goods and speciality items with a focus on "comfortable clothes for an uncomfortable world." Their minimalist approach to screen printing is what appeals to me.

Herschel Supply Co, also based in Canada, produces backpacks, duffle bags and a variety of other accessories. Both of these companies are some of my favourite brands. Therefore, I wanted to create a combination of the two to create a potential backpack design using the No Fun logo and the classic Herschel backpack. Herschel's backpacks have a very minimalist look, and although they have expanded to include more colourful designs, I wanted to merge these two brands based on that simple aesthetic.

Using the No Fun logo, I applied it to the Settlement backpack and blended it with the fabric to give the appearance of screen-printing. Inspired by Herschel's connection to nature, I used a royalty-free image of a deer skull as a repeating pattern, overlapping the layers and placing the backback amongst them to create some depth. I manipulated the image in Adobe Photoshop to add shading and create a more realistic look for the design.

Herschel x No Fun Advertisement