Karma Cola

A friend introduced me to Karma Cola a few years ago and it has become one of my favorite drinks. It has a sweeter taste compared to the leading soft drinks and comes across as a more ethical company. The design on the bottle has an Inca-inspired feel, thanks to the angel and devil characters. With this in mind, I wanted to depict the bottle crushing one of its leading competitors. I tried to make this evident by having the ribbon of the competitor brand showing slightly at the top of the can.

The company already uses the slogan "What goes around comes around," which felt like a good fit with the can being crushed by the bottle. Another tagline used for the whole range of Karma Drinks products is "Good drinks for bad adults," and the addition of the halo and devil horns to the top of the bottle works well with this slogan. The typography was based on some of their existing advertising, but I hand-drew it in Procreate with additional layout in Adobe Photoshop.

Karma Cola - Main Advertisement