Modern Capitals

Album artwork and accompanying motion graphics for Modern Capitals. "Together Let Us Walk Amongst The Stars" is the second LP from the band. Released in June 2022, the album is limited to exclusively online. The concept for the album is based on the story of a group of friends who no longer want to live on Earth. Together they develop an escape plan to venture into space to find a new life on another world.

The album was recorded over 6 years and between two countries. The artwork was created using Procreate on an Apple iPad Air 2020 with an Apple Pencil 2. A collection of brushes were used from True Grit Texture Supply along with some custom-made brushes by myself. Once the illustration for the cover has been completed, these were exported into Photoshop to process three lyric videos. These were created using Adobe After Effects for the songs 'Pilotwings', 'Exit Tapes' and 'The Retreat'. One example can be viewed here on YouTube.

The album is available to download or stream online through Bandcamp with a "pay what you like" setting.

Modern Capitals - Together Let Us Walk Amongst The Stars Front Cover
Modern Capitals - Together Let Us Walk Amongst The Stars Back Cover