Snack Drawer

Snack Drawer is a social media creation agency based in Melbourne, Australia. They predominantly work within social media for a number of small and big businesses including national and international.

The company creates a variety of digital and social content for businesses worldwide. I was brought on as a freelance graphic designer to create a range of elements for Endometriosis Australia.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. I created assets used for Instagram to help the company in raising awareness and for this month to their followers. I created assets ranging from static 1:1 posts, and scrollable carousels to iconography and Instagram stories. Topics included blog posts written by Endo Warriors, promotional posts, weekly quizzes for Instagram stories and scientific posts containing readily available information for followers to download.

I also created posts for the 2022 Endometriosis Australia Symposium held online on the 26th of March 2022. Assets for this included web banners for social media, posts for Instagram highlighting the speakers attending the event and posts to inform their followers when the symposium event went live.

Snack Drawer - Endometriosis Raising Awareness Tool Image
Snack Drawer - National Action Plan for Endometriosis Image
Snack Drawer - Francesca Bracelet
Snack Drawer - Francesca Social Tile
Snack Drawer - Things I Wish I Knew About Endo Social Tile
Snack Drawer - Sunday Quiz Social Story 01
Snack Drawer - Sunday Quiz Social Story 02
Snack Drawer - Sunday Quiz Social Story 03