The Attika State

Artwork, motion graphics and promotional materials created for The Attika State's EP "Take It Easy On Those Corners, Baby".

The EP was released in November 2017 through Alcopop! Records and is limited to 300 copies. The EP is also available online through Bandcamp and Spotify. I was approached by members of the band with a very peculiar request for the artwork for the EP. They envisioned a surreal composition featuring a selection of pets owned by members of the group, along with the daughter of the singer. The EP was released along with another band called My First Tooth. Each band has 5 tracks available to listen to. The EP itself was recorded a few years prior to its release.

A variety of promotional materials were created using the artwork including posters, and social media posts that included a short promo for the EP. In the weeks leading up to the release of the EP, I created a lyric video for the band. This was created using Adobe After Effects. The track "Hey, Zeus" can be viewed here on YouTube. Additional gig poster designs were also created for the band to use for their live shows promoting the EP.

The Attika State - EP Front Cover
The Attika State - Vinyl Label
The Attika State - Flyer Front Cover